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    NSF Approval Q10 Coenzyme Supplement / Vitamin Coenzyme Q10 For Heart Health
    • NSF Approval Q10 Coenzyme Supplement / Vitamin Coenzyme Q10 For Heart Health

    NSF Approval Q10 Coenzyme Supplement / Vitamin Coenzyme Q10 For Heart Health

    Place of Origin CHINA
    Brand Name HS
    Certification NSF GMP
    Model Number USP39
    Product Details
    Product Name:
    Coenzyme Q10
    Heavy Metal:
    Corresponds To Reference
    Loss On Dring:
    Singal Impurity:
    High Light: 

    q 10 coenzyme


    co q enzyme 10

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    Product Description

    NSF Approval Q10 Coenzyme Supplement / Vitamin Coenzyme Q10 For Heart Health



    We are a specialized supplier of various health ingredients and We are able to supply good quality Coenzyme Q10 with competitive price. Please check our website in details.


    Coenzyme Q10 is a ingredient that could be used to produce supplements intended for heart health.


    General information about Q10 ?


    Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a natural substance produced by human body. Natural Coenzyme could be found in many types pf foods, and now it is available as a supplement in the market.


    Coenzyme has two forms: ubiquinol, which is the active antioxidant type, and ubiquinone, the oxidized type, which the body is able to partially converts to ubiquinol.


    Many multi-ingredient supplements contain both forms of CoQ10.



    The specification of Coenzyme Q10 ?


    Testing Items


    Specifications Results



    1. IR

    2. Chemical Reaction


    1. Corresponds qualitatively to the reference

    2. Positive




    Water (KF)

    ≤0.2% 0.02


    Residue on Ignition

    ≤0.1% 0.04


    Heavy metals

    ≤10 PPM <10 ppm


    Residual Solvents

    Ethanol ≤1000 ppm


    Ethyl Acetate ≤ 100 ppm


    N-Hexane ≤ 20 ppm







    Chromatographic Purity

    Test 1: The single related impurity ≤0.3%


    Test 2: Coenzyme Q7 Q8 Q9 Q11 and related Impurity ≤ 1.0%


    Test 3 : 2Z isomer and related impurities ≤ 1.0%


    Test 2 and Test 3 ≤ 1.5%










    Assay (on the anhydrous basis)


    99.0%-101.0% 99.1%


    What is the use of Coenzyme Q10 :

    As a rule, Coenzymes Q10 can give catalysts in their different biochemical capacities.


    CoQ10 is an essential member in the chain of metabolic compound responses which give the vitality inside cells. C0 Q10 could be found in each cell of the body, however is available in higher focuses in organs with higher vitality necessities including the kidneys, liver, and heart.


    There are numerous potentical capacities about CoQ10. It is said that it could help heart disappointment, and in addition tumor, solid dystrophy, and periodontal sickness.


    It is likewise said that Coenzyme could help the vitality and rate recuperation from activity. A few people take it to diminish the impacts certain medications can have on the heart, muscles, and different organs.



    Why choose our company as a supplier of Coenzyme Q10 ?



    1. 20 years experiences: Our company had been in the industry of health care ingredients for about 20 years. We are professional in health care ingredients and has a long history.

    2. Combined shipment of all joint care ingredients: We are able to supply many health care ingredients including: shark cartilage powder, Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and Coenzyme Q10.  We could arrange combined shipment for all the above ingredients for you.

    3. NSF-GMP Production: Our manufacturing site is NSF-GMP Verified.

    4. Laboratory testing by ourself: We have established an GMP Laboratory within our company to conduct the testing for all our products.

    5. Other certificates we have: NSF-GMP, ISO Certificates, Halal Certificates, MSC Certificates for shark cartilage powder and shark chondroitin sulfate.



    Some pictures of our company:


    NSF Approval Q10 Coenzyme Supplement / Vitamin Coenzyme Q10 For Heart Health 0

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