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    USP43 Grade Bovine Chondroitin Sulfate White Powder 90% Purity For Joints
    • USP43 Grade Bovine Chondroitin Sulfate White Powder 90% Purity For Joints
    • USP43 Grade Bovine Chondroitin Sulfate White Powder 90% Purity For Joints

    USP43 Grade Bovine Chondroitin Sulfate White Powder 90% Purity For Joints

    Place of Origin CHINA
    Brand Name HS
    Certification GMP; DMF; ISO; Halal
    Model Number USP43
    Product Details
    Purity (ODB):
    90%-105% By CPC Titration
    White To Light Yellow Powder
    Test Method:
    According To USP43
    CAS Number:
    Raw Material:
    Fresh Bovine Cartilages
    100% Soluble In Water
    High Light: 

    Bovine Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium White Powder


    90% Purity Bovine Chondroitin Sulfate Powder


    Bovine Chondroitin Sulfate Powder For Joints

    Payment & Shipping Terms
    Minimum Order Quantity
    Packaging Details
    Delivery Time
    7-10 working days
    Payment Terms
    T/T, L/C
    Supply Ability
    50 Metric Tons per month
    Product Description

    USP43 grade Bovine Chondroitin Sulfate White Powder 90% Purity For Joints

    What is chondroitin sulfate sodium ?

    The chondroitin sulfate sodium is white powder, odorless, tasteless, strong water absorption, easily soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol, and other organic solvents. Our chondroitin sulfate sodium is extracted from fresh bovine cartilages .It is mainly used in health products and in Joints bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, cornea and other tissues. Our specification meets the requirments of USP43 standard.


    Compared with previous version of USP monograph, Below are the changes in the USP43 monograph for chondroitin sulfate:
    1. Identification: 
    Add : Dissacharides Compostion: △ DI-4S is the most abundant, followed by the △ DI-6S, with △ DI-OS being the least abundant of the three. 
    2. Loss on Drying:
    Change from "Max 10%" to "Max 12%" 
    3. Add : Limit Nonespecific Dissacharides : No more than 10%. 


    The main purpose of the above changes is to identify the economically motivated adulterated chondroitin sulfate. Both Dissacharides composition testing and  the nonespecific dissacharides involve a testing method called Enzymatic HPLC. This method will easily indentify the adulterant in the chondroitin sulfate.


    As one of the first chondroitin sulphate manufacturers in China, our company has been engaged in the production and marketing of chondroitin sulphate for over 20 years. The qualification certificates of our company include the Drug Manufacturing License from Chinese FDA, NSF-GMP Certificate, Halal Certificate and DMF Documentation. We have also finished the registrationof chondroitin sluphate in Ukraine, other CIS countries and Japan.
    Specification of chondroitin sulfate that is up to USP43 standard:

    Appearance White to off-white powder Pass
    Identification A:Infra Red Confirmed (USP197K) Pass
      B:Sodium reaction (USP191) Positive
      C:Disaccharide Composition the ratio of the peak response of △Di-4S / △Di-6S is NLT 1.0 Pass
      D: Specific Rotation between –20.0° to –30.0° Pass
    Assay(ODB) NLT90% (CPC) 93.5%
    Loss on drying Less than12%(USP731) 8.7%
    Protein NMT6.0%(USP39) 5.3%
    Heavy Metal NMT20PPM (MethodIIUSP231) Pass

    Nonspecific Disaccharides

    <10% Pass
    PH (1%H2O solution) 5.5-7.5(USP791) 6.1
    Chloride NMT0.5%(USP221) Pass
    Sulfates NMT0.24%(USP221) Pass
    Specific Rotation - 20°~ -30°(USP781S) -25.2°
    Residue on Ignition 20%-30%(USP281) 23.5%
    Clarity (5%H2O solution) <0.35@420nm 0.17
    Electrophoretic purity NMT2.0%(USP726) Pass
    Total Bacteria Count <1000CFU/g (USP2021) Pass
    Yeast & Mold <100CFU/g (USP2021) Pass
    Salmonella Negative (USP2022) Negative
    E.Coli Negative (USP2022) Negative
    Staphylococcus Aureus Negative (USP2022) Negative
    Particle size 100% through 80 mesh Pass

    The advantage of our chondrotin as a supplier of Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium:

    1. Professional and Specilized

    We have been producing and supplying chondroitin sulfate to worldwide market for over 20 years.

    2.Global presence:

    We are actively envolved in the Global Industry Shows including: CPHI China, CPHI India, VITA FOODS, Supplyside East, Supplyside West. See the company news to check out our latest trade show events.

    3. GMP Production

    Our chondroitin sulfate is produced in a Class C GMP Workshop, high quality is ensured. And the mircrorganism is well controlled, no irradiation is needed. All of our chondroitin sulfate is None-Irradiated.

    See the pictures of GMP workshop in the FACTORY TOUR section.

    4. GMP Laboratory

    We have established our own laboratory which is able to conduct all the parameters listed in the USP40 monograph of chondroitin sulfate. Especially the enzymatic HPLC testing for the compostion of chondroitin sulfate. Every batch of chondroitin sulfate is fully tested before it was released to our customers.

    See the pictures of our GMP laboratory at the Quality Control Section.

    5.Timely Deliver and Good Reputation

    We gurantee timely deliver for our chondroitin to make sure you have the material for your production.

    Also, if Out of Specification is identified by our customer,we will be fully responsible and return or replacement of goods is acceptable to us.

    6. Free sample is available for testing

    Free sample is available for testing upon the request, contact us now to start a mutual beneficial business relationship.


    Benefits & Uses of Chondroitin Sulfate

    1. Helps Treat Osteoarthritis Joint Pain

    Chondroitin sulfate is commonly used to treat pains associated with osteoarthritis, especially forms that affect very susceptible body parts like the knees and hands. Studies have shown that use of chondroitin tends to cause modest improvements in joint pain over the course of several months, although some people experience even more benefits and more quickly.

    2. Helps with Injury and Exercise Recovery

    Chondroitin sulfate used with glucosamine helps preserve valuable cartilage, decreases pain, increases physical function and enhances self-care activities. It can reduce joint stress following exercise or injury by helping the body synthesize new cartilage, keeping joints flexible and controlling the body’s natural inflammatory responses.

    3. Improves Wound Healing and Skin Health

    Chondroitin sulfate can help the body produce collagen, which is essential for skin health, healing and fighting the effects of aging on the skin.


    Q1: Are you manufacturer or trading company?
    A1: Manufacturer, more than 20 years history manufacturer. Kosher, Halal, ISO, Organic etc certificates.
    Q2: Is there a discount?
    A2: Of course, welcome to contact us. Price would be different based on different quantity.
    Q3: How long for production and delivery?
    A3: Most products we have in stock, delivery time: Within 1~5 business days after received payment. Customized products further discussed.
    Q4: How to deliver the goods?
    A4: <50kg ship by FedEx or DHL etc, >50kg ship by Air, >100kg can be shipped by Sea. If you have special request on delivery, please contact us.
    Q5: Do you accept ODM or OEM service?
    A5: Yes, we accept ODM and OEM services, ranges: Soft gel, Capsule, Tablet, Sachet, Granule, Private Label service, etc.


    The photos of our workshop

    USP43 Grade Bovine Chondroitin Sulfate White Powder 90% Purity For Joints 0

    USP43 Grade Bovine Chondroitin Sulfate White Powder 90% Purity For Joints 1

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